Healthcare access

Proud To Be Endorsed by PPAZ

This is the second time that Planned Parenthood Advocates has chosen to endorse my candidacy.  Planned Parenthood serves more than 90,000 women, men, teens, and parents through preventive and restorative health care, and education.  I support evidence based sex-education, contraceptive access, preventative healthcare and cancer screening.  The efforts to keep men and women from accessing healthcare services must be stopped.  For those who are faced with the most difficult prospect of ending a pregnancy, Planned Parenthood is there, too.  But for their education and contraceptive care, many more would be faced with that most serious choice.  

Ms. N.B was the sponsor of a bizarre and unconstitutional law--requiring doctors to tell their patients that chemical abortions were reversible!  This law was based on a the theory of one doctor with a handful of patients.  Thankfully, when faced with an impending court ruling, Governor Ducey repealed the law.  That's only one example of Ms. N.B.'s effort to get between a woman and her doctor.  This session, Ms. N.B. championed a law that requires doctors to take document the reason a woman has made the most personal and difficult choice to end a pregnancy.  Doctor's already talk to their patients about domestic violence and abuse--this new law is just another attempt to invade the confidential doctor-patient relationship.  That's the last place the government belongs.