Make AZ Better Without Spending A Dime

The Arizona Legislature has the power to make the lives of Arizona's citizens better without spending a dime. By using the power of the law! Here's a list of things I'd like to accomplish at the legislature, without raising taxes: 

1. Comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation:  The protections many Arizonans rely up are being eroded at the federal level.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been instructed to remove all employment protections from the LGBTQ community.  Arizona can and should require that all workers receive protection in the workplace.  We can ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and make it illegal to discriminate against women--equal pay for equal work!  Major employers support these laws.  There is a real push by the GOP to prop-up discrimination in public accommodations (movie theaters, services and restaurants).  We can keep AZ from becoming a laughing stock, again. 

2.  Banish the pre-existing condition exclusion:  The Arizona Department of Insurance decides which insurers are permitted to provide insurance to Arizonans.  The legislature can and should require that any health insurance company serving our community is prohibited from discriminating against persons with pre-existing conditions or based upon gender.  As a cancer survivor, I know that I would not be able to purchase health insurance if the pre-existing condition reared its ugly head in the marketplace.  We can't return to the days when so many couldn't purchase insurance.  

3. Mandate Internet Neutrality:  Arizona can join 20 other states that mandate net neutrality to their citizens.  Why does this matter?  Arizona wants to attract the tech industry and has made great strides to accomplish this goal.  If Arizona's procurement rules required all internet companies that provide services to the state (we're a huge customer) to maintain internet neutrality for all Arizona customers, we'd set the marketplace standard.  Why does this matter?  Net neutrality allows new companies to compete on the same level as large companies that have the market share to demand that their companies have superior access to customers, hobbling new companies.  

4. Repeal our 1960 abortion law.  In the event the Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade our existing abortion prohibition law would automatically be enforceable.  Repeal the law, protect the right. 

Laws matter!