• Provide For Our Children: Without proper school funding our children are robbed of the education they deserve. The Republican led legislature and Governor Ducey have stripped away our children’s ability to achieve their best.  It is our collective responsibility to stand up for our communities. We can’t race to the bottom—our schools are already there. Without strong schools, we lose the ability to attract new companies to Arizona. Tax incentives can’t overcome the destruction of Arizona’s reputation as a great place to make your fortune and raise your family. I will fight to provide for our schools, and pull Arizona up from the bottom of the pile.
  • Provide For Our Communities: Arizona is the only state in the nation that rejected healthcare for low-income children in 2015. That changed in 2016, but only because the rest of the legislature out-voted my opponent.  It is reprehensible that our working families were robbed of the safety-net provided to every other family in the other 49 states; and that hard-working Arizonan’s were forced to send their federal tax dollars to Washington, without the benefit every other state obtained.  Our communities are only as strong as our emergency services.  Preserving the state’s funding of local emergency services is crucial to our health and security. I will stand up to attacks on community security.
  • Protect Against Government Overreach: Less government intrusion is better. Let Arizona’s voters elect local governments that reflect their values. Let each city take control of their wages. There is no reason for the State to interfere in our personal lives. There is no reason for the State to impose greater restrictions on our reproductive choices, interfering in the doctor-patient relationship and giving pharmacists the power to refuse to fill valid prescriptions. There is no reason the State should seek to limit the rights of its citizens. There is no reason for preferences in adoptions and foster-care placements, a loving and safe home is all that matters. There is no reason for the state to support discrimination in any form. Let Arizona’s voters’ voices be heard. When they make a choice by voter referendum—let it stand. We amended the Arizona Constitution to limit the legislature’s ability to overturn voter initiatives. Protecting that right is crucial to protecting its voters. I will stand up against efforts to strip away our voice.