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  • Restore School Funding:   There is no option but to fund our schools.  A strong educational system is possible, and constitutionally required.  Arizona's percentage of education spending has fallen from 26% in the 1980’s to just 18% in 2018. Failing to fund K-12, community colleges and under-funding vocational and technical programs removes the tools for children and motivated adults to reach their goals.  Without strong schools, we lose the ability to attract new companies to Arizona.  Strong schools require professional teachers who are paid enough to support their own families, with funding from sustainable sources that doesn’t cut funding for seniors and the disabled. The people of Arizona want a school system that succeeds.  When we have that, we will have an educated workforce ready to grow our economy.
  • Invest in Our Communities: Economic growth requires a commitment to our infrastructure --roadways, water management and a reliable sustainable electrical grid.  Investment creates jobs, jobs create economic growth, growth creates revenue!  It's the cycle that good for all of Arizona.  Companies look to the strength of our communities, and our communities are only as strong as our emergency services.  Preserving the state’s funding of local emergency services is crucial to our health and security. I will stand up to attacks on community security.
  • Strengthen The Economy:  Small businesses drive Arizona's economy and deserve our support.  Incentives for increasing employees and material investments can drive growth.  Arizona is poised to be the new tech hub and we can make that happen at no cost to us.  AZ can join 20 other states in mandating that all internet providers that contract with the State must provide neutral internet access to all subscribers. Mandating net-neutrality is the equivalent of keeping our roadways toll free.  Net-neutrality fosters growth and innovation.  Net-neutrality is freedom of access to information,and freedom to innovate.  
  • Protect Our Healthcare:   At no cost, Arizona can require that all insurance sold in Arizona does not exclude pre-existing conditions. As a cancer survivor, I understand that exclusions for pre-existing conditions is a real danger for many Arizonans.  Lack of portability can lock a person into an underpaying job out of the fear of losing coverage or cost a family their home due to medical bills from that "excluded pre-existing condition."  
  • Protect Our Children: All children held by the government, whether in foster care, group homes, or immigrant children deserve to be treated humanely.  Arizona has the authority and moral responsibility to inspect all facilities and demand a humane standard of care.  
  • Protect Our Rights:  We need a government that reflects our values.  It is our responsibility to assure that there is equal work for equal pay for all; and  no-one suffers discrimination in their employment, housing, restaurants, hotels... Individual rights and protections are under attack.  The federal government (EEOC) just stripped away LGBTQ protections in the workplace, and access to reproductive choice is just one Supreme Court opinion away from destruction.  Arizona can take a stand!  If elected I will sponsor statewide anti-discrimination legislation, and repeal our 1960's archaic laws prohibiting a women's right to chose.  

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