Help For You! –District, Voter Registration, Polling Places

Do you need to know where to vote?  You can find your polling place at the Maricopa Recorder website .

Do you want to check your legislative district?  Go to Az Independent Redistricting Commission

Do you want to make sure you are really registered?  You can verify the status of your registration the Maricopa Recorder website:  Recorder Voter Verification or paste:

Do you need to register?  You can take care of it online at Service Arizona . Or, you can have the forms mailed to you.  Maricopa Recorder’s office Even better, stop by the Maricopa Democratic Party Office and fill out the form and pick up more information on all the countywide candidates and National, too! They are located at 2914 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012.  Their website has great information, check it out at Maricopa Dems

Do you need to update your signature?  If your signature has significantly changed since you last registered your ballot could be tossed out!  I registered 24 years ago when I moved into our home…I certainly have a different –less flowery–signature.  I am going to update!