Nothing To Do With Politics

These are my kids:  This photo is many, many, many years old.  My kids asked me not to post any current pictures of them, so this is our compromise.  Since one is an adult and the other is nearly an adult, I’ll let you do the math.  We are so proud of them.



This was my favorite car:  ’62 Thunderbird with the swing away steering wheel.  That chrome fin starts at the bumper and covers the edge of the fin all the way to the rocket-ship tail lights.  The turquoise emblem sealed the deal. It’s imperfections made it perfect. I still miss it.  It was my daily driver for a while, but it just couldn’t handle the commute to ASU.


Favorite Vacations:  Music festivals are one of my favorite vacations–all types!  Everything from Jazzfest in Sedona to ACL in Austin, TX.  Missed Lolla for the first time in years, but I am watching the live feed.

Love my dog:  Bear


What’s on the wall?  Those are my admission certificates and diplomas.  I was admitted to the Arizona State Bar, Nevada State Bar and New Mexico State Bar.  For a while, I practiced in all three states simultaneously representing general contractors and subcontractors in lawsuits.  It was quite an adventure flipping between jurisdictions.  Now, I am very happy to be a family law attorney at Burch & Cracchiolo –only in Arizona!

DSC_9443 (1)


It’s REAL–

I am pleased to announce that on May 27, 2016, I turned in 691 nominating signatures. Your help and support made it possible.  Thank you to all the volunteers.

The Legislative District 15 team made the difference.  You are all fantastic!

Thank you,